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Internet Banking

Banking at your convenience
Do you want to experience banking from the comfort of your home, at work or abroad?
The TCF MFB Internet Banking launches you into a world without limits. It is a robust channel designed with the state-of –the-art technology that gives you unlimited access to your accounts and allows you conveniently perform over 90% of your bank transactions online real-time.
With Internet Banking, you can, enjoy the convenience of managing your finances quickly and easily at a time that suits you. You can bank safely and securely – at work, home or abroad.

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  • Easy access to your account(s) from anywhere in the world.
  • Online real-time account monitoring facility.
  • Convenience of conducting banking transactions from comfort of home/office.
  • Guaranteed security for all your online transactions. Easy Access to bank information and products.

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  • How much can I borrow?
    Our minimum loan amount is N100,000 and the upper limit for a new customer is N5, 000, 000. Both depend on borrower’s capacity to repay based on verifiable income level and other selection criteria.
  • Can I extend my loan tenor?
    Yes, you can extend an existing facility loan tenor through a Top-up. As an existing customer, you can access a maximum tenor of 15 months (as an individual).
  • What is a Top up?
    A top up is returning/increasing the balances on an existing loan facility. The existing facility will be liquidated in order to process a new loan, as you cannot have two loans running simultaneously. The amount of money receivable (the difference between the New Principal and Unpaid Principal on the Existing Loan) will be communicated and disbursed into your account of choice.
  • Can I have more than one loan running at the same time?
    You cannot have more than one loan at a time, but you can apply for a top up loan after three repayments on your existing loan.
  • Does TCF MFB require a credit check?
    Yes, your application is subject to a credit check before approval.
  • Do I need to come to the branch to apply for a loan as an existing customer?
    No, your application can be made online via this link on our secure portal. After the application has been submitted, our mail runner would pick up your cheques from your office.
  • Do I have to be in paid employment to get your loans?
    Yes, you have to be a salary earner to access our different loan packages.
  • When my application has been moved to the next level, how will I know if it has been approved?
    You will receive a confirmatory text telling you the status of your loan same day as application.
  • How do I make repayments on my loan?
    You can make repayments via four different channels depending on which is convenient.
    - Internet banking
    - Mobile App
    - USSD
    - In Store
  • What is the minimum amount I can save with TCF MFB?
    The minimum amount is N1, 000.00
  • What is the minimum tenor?
    The minimum tenor is 3 months and it extends as long as you want to save
  • If I have urgent cash needs, can I liquidate and get my funds?
    Yes, however, there is a token charged on the accrued interest
  • How can I know my account balance?
    Your account balance can be viewed through TCFMFB Online Banking Platform
  • Can I roll over my savings into a Term Deposit Contract?
    Your savings can definitely be rolled into a high yield Fixed Deposit for as long as 360 days. Please send an email to
  • What is the minimum amount I can fix with TCF MFB?
    The minimum amount is N100, 000.00
  • What is the minimum tenor?
    The minimum tenor is 30days
  • If I have urgent cash needs, can I liquidate and get my funds?
    Yes, however, there is a token charged on the accrued interest
  • How do I get my interest?
    Interest payments can be paid into your account of choice monthly, quarterly, annually or upon maturity
  • Can I get my interest upfront?
    You can get your interest upfront with funds placed for a minimum tenor of 90days
  • Are there any associated charges
    No. However, there is a 10% withholding tax to be charged on the accrued interest.